Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is RenovArte

This video was produced by some students of the University Autonoma de Queretaro and the Instituto de Technologia de Queretaro for a project involving RenovArte Cafe.  This is RenovArte.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

14th of February in RenovArte Cafe

Real love

The 14th of February is all about LOVE!  On Valentine's day, the world gets our their luvvy-duvvy side and seemingly out of nowhere we see a multitude of expressions of romantic love. At RenovArte, we made use of this tradition, but with a twist. In the cafe we celebrated Valentine's Day, in Mexico known as the day of "love and friendship" with a live music outreach event.  We played love songs of a different kind, love songs that talk about an unconditional, unfailing and unrelenting love shown by the Creator God towards his creation.  On this night, we also partnered with the worldwide organisation the Gideons to give the gift of God's word to those drinking a coffee and enjoying the music.
We had a surprisingly good response and many people were happy to receive a small New Testament Bible and hear of God's love.
Now that the seed is sown, we will continue to water, showing and sharing Jesus to a generation searching for love in all the wrong places.
Check out these clips of the concert...

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Groups are a great inroad for us at the cafe. Apart for helping the economic side of the ministry, they are a point of connection with often a new social circle.
We often have groups if up to 15 young people arrive at the cafe and we have to get things in rapid motion to attend them all! This obviously limits our one-on-one interaction with them but also gives the opportunity to connect with the group as a whole or tell them a little bit about the cafe.

This is often an icebreaker for when individuals return to start a closer relationship with the individual and share life and Jesus authentically with them.

Today we have had lots of groups through and God is at work calling individuals and groups to a new freedom in Jesus.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not go Ere

Now I'm not one to embrace bad grammar but we do have an in joke here about "not go". It was a Spanglish phrase coined by Sandy's cousin when I had to travel to a conference and was farewelling the family.

This time it applied to our beloved Ere who after almost two years of faithful service in the cafe has finished up her time to return to full time study and look for part time work in her area of study.

Ere has been a special blessing to us in the cafe and we have shared many special moments with her. She has been serving with us since we opened our doors in the original RenovArte Cafe and has seen God work to share the love of Jesus and as we have grown.

We will miss her funny sounds, tantrums and creative drawings on the coffees. But most of all we will miss her contribution to the team in serving the Lord.

I'm sure still still pop in to lend a hand as it's not so easy to escape the charm and love that is RenovArte Cafe.

Thanks Ere!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Los Caramelos - Oscar, Erika and Fernanda are baptised

What an exciting event - our friends with whom we have walked for over a year and a half now, have come to Christ and have now been baptised.  What a joy!

Look at these great shots of this special day...



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Renovations at RenovArte

The Easter holidays brought with them the opportunity to do some maintenance and improvements that we just don't get time to do normally. Here are a few snaps:

Squeaky clean floor after Sandy's acid clean!

I mounted the decorative lighting that we had from the old location and painted the ceiling.

Step 1: white background

Step 2: the first 3 coats of red. Step 3 is pending hehe

My beautiful Romi investigating how the broken cash register works. We actually got the little printer motor to work which sparked her interest!